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          Technical service:0512-6541-7142
          Home > Service > Explosion-proof material handling equipment
          Explosion-proof material handling equipment
          AEGIS can provide explosion-proof solutions that meet GB19854-2005, Europe Atex, IECex and other standards for various types of material handling equipment.

          Our key partners: domestic and foreign well-known forklift manufacturers and their agents, forklift rental company etc.
          AEGIS explosion-proof material handling equipment can be safely used in the environment of gas zone 1, 2 and dust zone 21, 22.
          AEGIS explosion-proof conversion principle: 
          ?  Do not change the appearance of the original equipment.
          ?  Retain the original forklift functions.
          ?  Provide the most suitable explosion-proof type according to the characteristics of each forklift part.
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